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Maarte Pabebe

Simple Recipes | A Cookbook Zine

Simple Recipes | A Cookbook Zine

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Don't know what to make for dinner? Not enough time to cook for 2 hours? Spending too much on takeout and food delivery services? 

These are questions we've all come to face. With the rising cost of living, your next meal - as a necessity, not a privilege - should be the least of your worries. Simple Recipes is an illustrated Cookbook Zine made to help those who no longer want to rely on food delivery services, for those who don't have enough time to spend hours on a meal they'll finish in 10 minutes, for those who want to save a little extra each month. 
Here are 17 easy recipes composed of dishes that include stable ingredients, are fairly healthy, are mostly high in protein, and can be made within the hour - if not earlier.
Buy a physical 8.5 by 5.5 inch copy to keep in your kitchen, or purchase a digital copy to have handy at all times!
*Physical copies also come with digital copies to download*


Written and illustrated by A. Alajar. (2023).
32 pages
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