About Us

Maarte Pabebe is composed of three artisans who specialize in handcrafted home decor. This includes handmade clay trinket dishes, incense holders & ashtrays, hand-poured soy wax candles, crochet items, prints, and zines. Our items and our packaging reflect our core values of a sustainable, cruelty free, and ethical environment, all while making each product as accessible as possible. 
At Maarte Pabebe, we are passionate about creating unique pieces to bring joy and comfort to any home.
Made with love from Toronto.

  • Maarte Pabebe

    Multimedia artist and writer based in Toronto. Artisan specializing in handmade clay works and zines.

    About Maarte Pabebe 
  • Erika's Candlez

    Environmentalist. Passionate about plants, animals, and conservation. Artisan specializing in sustainable candles.

    About Erika's Candlez 
  • OfJeof

    Multimedia artist and illustrator. Artisan specializing in prints and all things crochet.