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Seeing Stone | Charm

Seeing Stone | Charm

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Seeing Stones inspired by Neil Gaiman's classic novel, Coraline (2002), and the acclaimed LAIKA film with the same title (2009).

See and locate magic items and fantastic creatures with this stone! The Adder stone (also known as a Hag Stone, witch stones, serpent's eggs, an aggri, amongst many other names throughout different mythologies), is a stone with a natural hole formation in the centre of it. A handful of legends - a lot of them I found to be connected to Druidism - believe that seeing through this stone views another realm, creatures invisible to the human eye, or that it may help ward off certain evils. Depending where, its origins vary: In Welsh mythology, these stones were a result of a congress of snakes; in Russian mythology, they are the homes of the Kurinyi Bog spirits. They're good for bad things sometimes... or lost things. 

Unfortunately, because these stones were made by human hands - and not by some natural or otherworldly force - their powers won't work. But don't let that deter you from getting one to keep as a small homage to a classic novel/film!

Item includes a necklace cord, although colour of the cord may vary from black, green, white or brown. Please specify what colour cord you would want included, otherwise stones will come with whatever cord colour is available.  

Hand crafted from modelling clay, painted with acrylic, and sealed with a gloss varnish. Because charms are individually handmade, product you receive might vary slightly from the product picture. No two stones will be the exact same.

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