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Maarte Pabebe

Ilocano Ashtray

Ilocano Ashtray

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An Ilocano inspired ashtray influenced by traditional Ilocano weaving patterns and tribal tattoo motifs. Includes buwaya (crocodile) and uleg (snake) teeth and skin patterns to symbolize protection, plant motifs to symbolize wealth and prosperity, and rice/crop motifs to symbolize abundance and family. 

Hand crafted from modelling clay, painted with acrylic and sealed with a gloss varnish. Because dishes are individually handmade, product you receive might vary slightly from the product picture. No two dishes will be the exact same. 

85% of sales made from all Ilocano dishes will be pooled and rotated amongst varying charities/GFMs/Mutual Aid every month. 

Receipts will also be emailed at the end of every month to confirm that proceeds were donated respectfully ♡

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