About Me



My name is Anne (she/her) and I am a multimedia artist and writer. As a second generation Filipino-Canadian, some of my work reflects my exploration into my culture and heritage.

Maarte Pabebe started because I needed a platform to show off all my clay works, in addition to a whole lot of creatives. With my dishes, ashtrays and trinkets, I was able to combine my love of painting with my love for sculpting. With my zines, I was able to combine my love of writing with my love for illustrating. I've always considered myself an artist but it was definitely thanks to my sister that I've found clay as my newest medium.

Outside Maarte Pabebe

Outside Maarte Pabebe, I work as a digital marketing coordinator, writing for websites, developing content, managing social media accounts, managing online campaigns and optimizing websites & content, amongst other things. 

I'd consider myself a jack of all trades, but a master of none. I like to keep busy by learning new skills and crafts. Some of my many hobbies include sculpting, painting, illustrating, makeup, cooking, writing, fishing, and playing sandbox games (Lego Fortnite is my current fav). 

I currently live in Toronto with my partner and our cat, Herbert. 

Anne with her orange tabby cat, Herbert
Herbert, the orange tabby. He likes to be the centre of attention.

Alongside my own works, this space will be featuring other brilliant artists, where 100% of the sales made on all their products will be going to them directly. 

Hope these dishes brings you as much joy as it has brought me making them! I promise all dishes are made with love and the utmost care ♡ 

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